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Bar chairs were mainly used in bars at first, but now they are more and more widely used in places such as shabu bar, fast-food restaurant, tea restaurant, cafe, jewelry store, cosmetics store, representing passion, fashion and popularity. Now, jean ou chair suffers from more and more people to like, put so a few chairs in the home, make the contemporary atmosphere of the home more full-bodied.

The shape of the bar chair is similar to that of a normal chair, but the seat surface is higher from the ground, and the seat surface is usually 650-900mm from the ground. It's also called a high stool. The bar chair has a modern feel and metallic feel, and can generally rotate 360 degrees.

Bar chair is a derivative product developed and produced in recent years in the chair industry. Bar chair is mainly composed of general accessories of office chair, such as gas spring, tray, casters and other accessories as well as special horn plate and seat plate. In recent years, as the market refinement brings the chair industry product style variety diversification, some enterprises look at the market, developed and produced the chair series products successively, and has become another big series in the chair industry block industry. But this product is no state, or local industry standards, enterprises also formulated the corresponding internal control standards, resulting in the production process, product quality good and bad are intermingled, quality indicators, the use of the product characteristics and advantages cannot reflect, inspection results to determine the actual situation, severely restrict the sustainable development of anji chair industry, but also seriously affected the whole anji chair industry reputation.

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