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Anji longwei furniture co. LTD

Contact person: Mr. Sun

Telephone: 0572-5213621

Phone: 13758113454

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Website: www.zjlongwin.com

Address: No. 1897, west yunhong road, anji county, zhejiang province

Enterprise idea

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Enterprising ambition

Where the real strong, may not be successful but it must be a strong enterprising heart it can make us in the failure of more and more brave

Win-win cooperation

A drop of water into the sea will never dry up

A man is most powerful when he blends himself with the collective

Innovative thinking

Chuangxing is the soul of a company's progress and the inexhaustible power for a company to pull itself together. Innovation in work is not only the guarantee of its own work progress, but also the source of personal ability progress

Development in the future

Economic benefits of entrepreneurship

Create a first-class enterprise service

Agile development

Open up new development ideas

Contact us

Address:No. 1897, west yunhong road, anji county, huzhou city, zhejiang province

Contact: 13758113454

Contact person:Mr. Sun


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